And I’ll rise up, I’ll rise like the day, I’ll rise up, I’ll rise unafraid, I’ll rise up, and I’ll do it a thousand times again, for you.
— Andra Day


Through this journey I know that there will be hard days. Yesterday was one of those days unfortunately. While cuddling our precious little girl a flood of messages came through saying that our little girl was not normal looking, that I should have chosen abortion, and I should be disgusted and disappointed that she is mine. Well first off what's normal? Have you ever really sat down and thought about what normal truly is? There isn't a normal, normal is different for every person due to their beliefs, religion, backrounds, families, etc. So how can there be a real normal when all of our normal's are so different. 

My mind set most days when it comes to our lives of LIVING WITH A LITTLE EXTRA is simple. I wake up and I don't see Down Syndrome I see our daughter Londynn a beautiful striving little girl, I SEE LONDYNN. She isn't her diagnosis! Never has been and never will be. And my mind set is exactly that. I spend my time doing exactly what I should be doing with my 7 month old baby helping her grow by giving her lots of love, reading to her, and doing tummy time hopefully getting us closer to crawling!

Now that I have shared that with you. Can I share with you how hard it is to know that people see my daughter and they don't see Londynn.. They see Down Syndrome. Yet wait.. What if I knew that when people saw my child Londynn who just happens to be  LIVING WITH A LITTLE EXTRA I knew that they were thinking of how beautiful she is despite her diagnosis? Or how lucky we are? Well I believe it's possible! That's why I have chosen to share our story with you! To help kick normal to the curb and accept different as the new normal. So for the people who have felt like it's acceptable to write me two days in a row and say our daughter and every other child LIVING WITH A LITTLE EXTRA doesn't deserve to be here. Don't be sorry for us. Be sorry for yourself that you can't experience the beauty in Down Syndrome or even take the time to understand why MILLIONS of people have joined our community to help spread awareness and love. You hurt our family yet that hurt didn't last long. When we had Londynn I made a promise to her that I would fight for her. And that's why I've chosen to rise up UNAFRAID despite your hurtful comments and messages I will keep bringing awareness and sharing our journey in hopes that maybe just maybe your heart will be softened over time.

The sponsored song for this blog has become my song to Londynn. I knew right as I heard it! Despite of the ache that I might have felt yesterday or that I might feel in the future I would do it a thousand times again for her. I know as Mother's and parents we won't always be able to protect our children yet until she has a voice I will be hers because she deserves to be here just like every other child. THEY deserve to be here. Who are we to say who deserves to be here on this earth? I believe God doesn't make mistakes! Though I do tend to feel that way someday's towards the mean hateful people we have had to experience through this journey. I've come to realize they have also taught me things. One of those being not fight hate with hate yet to fight hate with love! 

Thank you so much for all the support and love I still can't believe we've touched a million lives! 



madisen clark