I would like to start my blog by saying THANK YOU! Thank you for the support and love through this journey! Our family will never be able to express how grateful we truly are! Londynn seriously couldn't be more loved! This journey hasn't always been easy. Our family couldn't have done it without your love and support! So thank you!


Londynn was born at Lone Peak Hospital in Draper, Utah! My husband will tell you I picked a hospital 30 to 40 minutes away from our house... and that's so true but he realized why after he met my mid wife! My mid wife is awesome like seriously amazing and not to mention her nurses are the sweetest people! I will start by telling you I didn't do the genetic testing and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't.  At this time we do not plan to do the genetic testing for future pregnancies as we feel this would not change the love we will have for our future babies!

Londynn was the best surprise ever! Lets just say it makes up for all 20 years of my life that I haven't had a surprise party! Anyways! Through my whole pregnancy they said Londynn was small yet assumed it was because they might have estimated her due date wrong. It was also thrown out there, well you're tall so maybe she is actually bigger then what we can measure. Londynn's ultra sound was on point. The ultra sound tech kept saying how perfect of a baby she was.  Now we realize how truly right she was! Londynn is PERFECT!

When Londynn was born we didn't know about the little extra she had.  I was grateful for that! It allowed me to focus on being the mom she needed when she finally got here! I knew very little about T21 yet what I did know was I had to be strong for Londynn.  I believe if I knew beforehand I wouldn't have found the strength to be a strong mommy to Londynn for who she was and not her T21.  I am still working on faith versus fear.   I believe if I had chosen the genetic testing I would have spent my pregnancy worrying about the unknown instead of enjoying the miracle growing inside of me.  Because I didn't know I had the joy of getting to know my little human for who she really is.  

This is only the beginning of her birth story. I would love to answer questions and share more of our story with any or all of you, knowledge is power! I will begin to share a little more of our story here and there through our blog! I wish I could share all of it in one blog yet you would be reading for awhile due to the many blessings and trials which have been involved after Londynn's arrival! Definitely more blessings than anything though.

Speaking of blessings, Londynn is more than we could have ever prayed for! In the short time we have  shared with Londynn she is already taught us so much.  She is teaching me to have a little extra love, faith, strength, and forgiveness.

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