Logan was born March 31st, 1992 and Londynn March 30th, 2017 a day before her Daddy's birthday! I remember him saying several times all I want for my birthday is for Londynn to be born he thought that would be the best gift in the world and though she wasn't born on his birthday we truly received such a special gift March 30th, 2017.  

 Londynn's original due date was April 15th, 2017! What comes to your mind tax day? That was us until we remember we started this crazy adventure of dating April 15th, 2014! This was a huge day in a story that is now going to be eternity and what better of a day to bring our baby girl into the world. 



Logan came into my life so easy and became my best friend and soul mate even easier! I want to write one of these next blogs on our love story because it's something that started this huge adventure, which has now brought our sweet baby girl into this world. 



Logan's hobbys consist of family, cars, traveling, and personal health.

Logan has always traveled due to his dads work growing up which has taught him to be very open to different things and to love everyone for who they truly are. With traveling he spent a majority of his life in Dubai and you can tell it's a very big part of him and somewhere he would like to take our family one day. In Dubai he mainly focused on wrestling yet he also enjoyed playing many other sports through out his life but wrestling was his all time favirote. He is now still very active he goes to the gym daily and sticks to a healthy diet! I love that he also helps me with my goals in staying healthy and happy! 

Logan is a hardworking and loving guy! I know that he would do anything for his friends, family, and even people he just met. He loves helping people and making people feel appreciated and loved. It's probably one of the things I love most about him. 

Logan can fix anything and EVERYTHING. Every time I have something broken I know I can count on him to fix it. Logan has fixed a lot of things for me yet the biggest thing he has fixed is my heart. 

I've had a lot of heart break in my life which unfortunately led to me feeling like I could never be truly loved. These heart breaks have come from the people I've trusted most and because of this I never thought it was possible for my heart to be fixed.. until I met Logan. Logan came into my life so easy and became my best friend and soul mate even easier! Yet he also came into my life knowing there was things he was going to have to deal with yet he didn't choose to just deal with it.. he chose to help me pick up the broken pieces from the years of life where I felt unloved. He has showed me that I don't have to fear him leaving or not loving me and this alone shows what kind of man he is and has been raised to be. He is very loyal, strong, and kind. I remember the day in the hospital when they told us we could no longer stay there with our sweet baby that was in the NICU and I just started crying! This was my worst fear coming true.. How was going to leave my baby that I've carried with me for 9 months at the hospital behind? I couldn't handle the thought of this and I felt so weak and began to cry and that's when he took me into his arms and told me " I will do anything and everything to make sure you and Londynn don't get seperated." He said this to me though I know he was being strong for me even though he was having a hard time as well. I appreciate the times Logan  was strong yet I appreciate the times he wasn't even more because he showed me that it was okay to not always be okay.

Through Logan's life he has been very successful in many things. Yet he has more then succeeded in being a father and a husband. He has become a hero not to just Londynn but to me as well. I love him and I couldn't imagine this journey with anyone else. There's seriously no other love like yours!

Through our blog I hope that you can learn more about our family! We are also very excited to learn about our followers so please feel free to reach out to us as we continue this journey!


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