It’s okay to be scared it means you’re about to do something really, really brave.
— Unknown

 I wish I could tell you that having a baby wasn't something that I feared yet I can't because I cried about getting shots up until I delivered our baby girl! I actually took my mother in law with me to get my whooping cough shot! In hopes of giving my mom a break after 21 years.. And of course I got spoiled with mexican food after for not crying! So you Mommy's with this fear your not the only ones! I just hope after this blog post you can find comfort in labor and delivery.

Let's talk fear! What's your biggest fear? Okay now is that fear bigger then your faith? 

This blog is going to be all about fear and over coming the biggest thing that will restrict you from your goals and reaching pure happiness as Mother and a wife.

One of my biggest fears growing up was having a baby. I feared this for the reason of a long thick needle going down your spine... I know there's the option of going natural but that also wasn't an option at the time  because I was fearful of pain..  I was actually convinced until around Junior year of high school that I was adopting a baby. Now obviously I ended up having a baby and I didn't end up adopting so I overcame that fear and received the best blessing ever and that was londynn! I want to share with you Mamma's what helped me over come my fear of labor and delivery! Also I would love for you guys to comment below and share what helped you and your stories!

  1. OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF DYING : The majority of the world fears dying! I always feared dying up until meeting my husband. This was also something that made me fear labor and delivery. Yet after a conversation that I had with my husband this changed. I believe in heaven and in the power of my Heavenly Father. If someone didn't truly go to a better place we should just be able to replace their heart, brain, lungs, etc right? And they should be able to come back to life. Yet their spirit leaves their body and goes to heaven. This just an example of how a spirit keeps a body alive. This helped me over come the fear of death. It reminded me if heaven really needs you early then you've served your mission here on earth. "If you spend your whole life fearing death, have you really lived?" -Madisen Clark

  2. STAY AWAY FROM HORROR STORY: Every birth story is different every body is different so don't listen to other people's horror stories in fact ask them politely to not share them. I can tell you that all the horror stories that I heard never happened to me, yes they can happen but like I said everyone is different. 

  3. TV SHOWS: Avoid dramatic TV shows there is no need to watch shows that make it 2X worse then it really is. ( P.S My mom and aunt watched labor & delivery shows and it ruined my life. Just Joking but that played a huge part in me being scared of epidural.) 

  4. BE OKAY WITH NOT HAVING CONTROL: Okay we all have heard about the pooping! This wasn't one of my fears but it is many other mommy's fears. I can tell you though the doctors and nurses have seen almost anything and everything! So don't be afraid to let it all out! In fact it means your pushing right so it's a positive thing when it comes to having a baby! Unfortunately when it comes to having a baby you lose all privacy and all control and maybe that's a good thing.

  5. TEARING: You might tear and that's okay healing from a tear these days aren't as bad as they used to be! Here's some advice that might help you hardly tear or maybe not tear at all! MASSAGE! MASSAGE! MASSAGE! Who doesn't love massages especially when it helps your lady area! Perineal massage gently stretches the tissue to help with tearing during labor and delivery! Also make sure while you are pushing to slow down and listen to your doctor they will be there to guide you and let you know when to push. As much as I would love to give you a step by step of how to do this one I feel like this link below will do much better! Click on the button to learn a step by step on how to save your lady area.


Alright C-section talk majority don't want a c-section and that's probably one of the things feared most going into labor and delivery. I can't really tell you it won't 100% not happen if you do these things yet I can tell you it will reduce the rate by a good amount. 

  1. Find a hospital/doctor that has a low C-section rate.
  2. Have a Midwife or Doula
  3. Educate yourself on a C-section just in case you need one.
  4. Ask your doctor any questions you may have concerning one before hand.
  5. Let your doctor know you want to avoid it at all cost.

If you read my recent blog you know I almost had to have a C-section and even though this wasn't part of my birth plan in that moment it was the best thing for my baby and I didn't have any second thoughts as long as my baby was okay! 

Below I've shared my Birth Story! I hope that this blog was able to help you over come some of your fears that you have about Labor and Delivery! I can tell you this worst fear turned into one of my favirote life experiences! I actually walked out of the hospital saying see you in 10 months.... Unfortunately you have the 4 week rule (no sex) that gave me time to re think that a little more.  


Corrin filmed our birth story! She is the most loving and thoughtful person! She did such an amazing job at capturing all the beauty that came with bringing our sweet girl into this world! I fell in love with her and would recommend her over and over again to any Mamma's wanting to film their birth story! She made me so excited to deliver our little girl, which helped with the fear of labor and delivery. Check out her stuff her handles for her social media account are posted below.


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