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The NICU was hard, really hard. It's definitely no place for a family to be right after bringing a child or children into this world. You never really are prepared to be NICU parents there is many things that you don't expect to happen. It seems like it's a constant roller coaster of highs and lows. There's a lot of one step forward and one step back moments. I had good experiences and bad experiences in the NICU. I had ones that I thought were going to completely break me and I had ones that reminded me of how lucky we were to have modern medicine to keep Londynn safe and striving. 

In the NICU there was a lot of cuddling, nursing, praying, and diaper changes. Yet there was something else that we added to our daily routine! DRESS UP!I want to let you know I LOVE clothes I guess you could call me a shopaholic! Yet the shopping changed once I found out I was having a little girl! I changed the budget from me to Londynn! Before Londynn was even born she had a million clothes hanging up in her closet! It made me excited to have her here to play dress up with! I spent many ours before she was born organizing all her clothes by size and color! I was so ready to be a girl Mom, yet what I wasn't ready for or expecting was to be a Mom of a preemie. Londynn was born at 4 pounds 7 ounces! Tiny little love filled my heart right away! Yet her clothes were another story! 

The smallest clothes we had at home was newborn clothes which completely drowned her! Yet with lots of love from the community, family, and friends we received many kind gifts from the people we loved and even complete strangers! Many of the gifts we received were preemie clothes from Carter's. They truly saved our lives in the NICU! With Londynn being small she had a hard time keeping her body temperature up on her own and was constantly needing to be put under a light to keep her warm! Once she started gaining a little weight and was slowly being able to keep her temps up on her own she didn't need the light anymore! Yet she still needed to be bundled in clothes and blankets! But with no having to be under the light that meant we were one step closer to being able to come home! I believe her being able to have clothes that fit her and clothes that we could layer to keep her warm helped her a lot! I'm not joking when I say Carter's clothes seriously saved us! They had just what we needed to keep her warm and layered! Carter's preemie clothes are my favorite! If you are parents of a preemie or a little love you can shop preemie clothes  CLICKING HERE!

Carter's has an amazing selection of clothes that aren't only trendy but fits every style that a child and Mother may have! I LOVE that Carter's it has been through every precious milestone with us! It was there for many of Londynn's first big milestones from her first night home to her very first bottle in the NICU. Still to this day even though Londynn is always amazing me with her strength and  hitting her milestones! Yet my all time favorite one was her finishing her first bottle! I prayed and prayed for this day! This is all we needed for her to go home in our last week at the hospital. Though this sounds easy, it was not at all easy! And I'm sure all parents who have had to do the eating challenge to be released from the NICU can attest to how hard this was and is. I spent many night crying because we were so close to going home and then her little body was just to tired and she wouldn't eat so we would have to restart. Carter's got me through a lot of hard days! Every morning I had selection of Carter's clothes that I would choose from it made me excited to go down to the NICU and start a new day full of precious milestones that would allow us to eventually go home! The nurses knew that I would be there every morning ready to give Londynn a little sponge bath and get her ready in her new cute outfits with a matching bow of course. 

For every milestone Carter's has been my go to and has been there for my family! I appreciate being a Mother more than I could ever explain. I believe this was due to the fact that there were times where I just didn't feel like a Mother in the NICU. Yet there was one time everyday that I felt like a Mother and this was when I got to dress her in her little clothes. This was my time with her that I could count on everyday to feel like a Mom. Being a Mother is sometimes a very thankless job, yet I'd do everything over and over again just to be Londynn's Mommy.

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