MARCH 30TH, 2017


Everything I thought Motherhood would be changed March 30th, 2017 at 5:10 AM. Our baby girl came into this world weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces and had a LITTLE EXTRA CHROMOSOMES. What a tiny little thing that took up our whole heart instantly! Londynn was born with beautiful dark hair and spirit of an angel. Our life changed in the best way yet, Down Syndrome isn't Londynn. I truly believe that with every ounce of my body though Down Syndrome doesn't define these individuals and it's definitely not who they are, I do believe god sends these individuals LIVING WITH A LITLE EXTRA with a special spirit and we are truly blessed to have Londynn's loving spirit in our lives everyday! 

This blog will be short because well it was her birthday when i started this blog and I had a lot of spoiling to do for the little girl who changed our lives. Yet above I have two videos that mean the world to me! One of them being the day she was born and the second one being the day she celebrated her first birthday by giving back to our family friends who's little girl is also LIVING WITH  A LITTLE EXTRA and is in the hospital kicking MDS butt by doing chemo right now.

Londynn we hope that as you grow that you can know how much we truly love you! You have been our greatest accomplishment and have blessed our lives beyond measures. I hope you always know that you are beautiful from the outside in and you are a child of your heavenly father who created you to change the lives of others. We know you will continue to break the mold and will eventually be advocating for yourself. We love you for everything you are and everything you will be! You are the light and soul of our family! LOVE YOU LITTLE BABE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

madisen clark