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Let's talk about sleep! Londynn was waking up at 13 months old every hour and half and would only go back to sleep if I nursed her. I LOVE Londy yet I also LOVE sleep! So when I felt like I was just finally being able to close my eyes to only wake up 10 - 15  minutes later. This Mama began to lose hope in EVER sleeping again and I also over time began to lose even more sleep because I was so afraid to close my eyes knowing that I'd have to wake up shortly after. 

After a couple weeks of no sleep and lots of research I kept hearing and finding so  many good reviews on the DockATot ! As much as I tried to convince myself I didn't need one for so long I knew we needed to change something, we NEEDED sleep! So after talking to my husband we finally came to an agreement that we should try the DockATot! 


Here's why we didn't buy a DockATot in the beginning!

  1. I was afraid it was just trendy and wouldn't help.
  2. My husband said he wasn't sure if the price would be worth it.

That's it we only had TWO reasons for why we didn't make the purchase in the beginning! Im honestly telling you if we would have bought this in the beginning sleep would have been a whole different story! 

As always I'm not here to sale you something! I'm here to share with you a #MOMWIN and to tell you it is worth it and it is a life savor! The price is so worth it! It took me awhile before posting this review because I wanted to make sure we truly knew we LOVED this product enough to share it with you and we do and here's why!

When I got the DockATot I was hopeful but I didn't get my hopes up because at this point I felt like we have tried EVERYTHING that we were comfortable with and we were now just left hoping that somehow we could get her to sleep for at least a couple hours at night! 

The first nap with the DockATot was amazing yet like I mentioned I didn't want to get my hopes up so I just assumed it was because she was really tired since she hadn't slept very good the night before and the night before that lets be honest. This no sleeping thing had become a pattern and something that was happening every night! Anyways when bed time rolled around I layed her down and the first thing I thought to myself is she looks comfy and settled I LOVED that! I didn't feel like I was just laying her down in an open space with no way to find comfort! She looked peaceful and she slept peaceful too! I was finally able to lay her down after feeding her at night and she was finally ale to stay asleep longer then and hour and half! She was finally sleeping a stretch of 8 hours and oh it felt so good!!!

I'm so glad we read the REVIEWS and we finally decided to get this life changing sleep aid!



DockATot® has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and lounge.


DockATot® is the ideal spot to have tummy time with your little one. The rounded sides helps to prop up your awake baby when placed under his/her arms. Tummy time can help babies develop neck strength and motor skills. It is important to closely supervise your baby during tummy time.


The DockATot® Grand can help a child get comfortable with a new toddler or big-kid bed. The sides give little ones a snug sense of security in their new, bigger beds.


For a baby to be comfortable, we need to think not just about their global climate, but about their microclimate as well. The microclimate is the space directly affecting their surroundings. DockATot® is made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat.




As parents we worry! Since Londynn has been little I've always been so nervous when she would lay down for naps or for bed yet this NEW CloudTot has me on cloud 9 and I can't wait to see how many lives this new product will save! Parenthood is already hard so why not take away the stressed that we can! Below I've posted a video of their new upcoming CloudTot!

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